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Banner Advertisement Design

Let Action Graphics Design Your Banner Ad

Action Graphics can design a banner advertisement for you to promote your business, club, non-profit group, promotion, sale, or idea.

What is a banner ad?

Banner ads are advertisements that appear at the top of a web page. Typically, when you click on a banner ad, you are directed to a web page with more information about the subject of the advertisement. Some banner ads are static, some are dynamic, some contain graphics only, some only text. But a banner ad must appeal to your target audience and be professional in both appearance and design. That's where Action Graphics can help.

We can design an ad following standard specifications, or tailored to the specifications you provide. We typically deliver banner ads in one of three file formats:

  • JPG - Joint Photographics Experts Group, an industry standard for high-resolution images such as photographs or multicolored pieces, including gradients.

  • GIF - Graphics Interchange Format, typically using a small file size. This is best used for simple colors (typically using the Web-safe 216 palette of colors) or line art; text; or a combination. Includes the animated GIF format.

  • SWF - Small Web format, resulting from using Macromedia Flash. This format delivers vector graphics and animation, playable using any browser plug-in that reads Flash or Shockwave file formats, such as Flash Player.

View Standard Banner Ad Dimensions

We routinely produce banner ads in the following industry-standard sizes. Note that we can also create a banner ad to your custom specifications.

Horizontal banner ads

Skyscraper banner ads

Square banner ads

Banner Ad Design Rates

Each advertisement we design is customized to your specific needs. We offer high quality work at inexpensive rates.

General Rates*

Rate Class Description
$149 Static Any standard-size banner ad in GIF or JPG format.
$299 Dynamic Any standard-size banner ad using animated GIF format.
$499 Dynamic Any standard-size banner ad in Flash/SWF format.

* We publish our general rates so that you may compare our prices with other vendors on the Web. However, please note that these are general rates, which may change after the specifics of your job have been clearly communicated and discussed. For a guaranteed quote, please with the specifics of your banner ad.

Action Graphics stands by its quality, and is proud to have a 100% customer satisfaction rating that has been steadily maintained since we started doing business in 1994.

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