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Logo Design by Action Graphics

Action Graphics can design or revamp your corporate image, or a logo for your company, club, family group, non-profit, house of worship, etc.

We can incorporate a name, inititals, specific graphic, or other design elements that you suggest to us into a professional logo. If you have other logos you like, show them to us so that we can capture a similar style or feel. Or, if you do not have preconceived notions of your logo's appearance, we can design it from scratch.

Logos are designed in a vector-based design software application such as Adobe Illustrator, and are deliverable in a variety of formats, including Web formats (GIF, JPG, SWF) as well as postscript-printable formats (Adobe Illustrator, EPS, TIF, BMP or PICT).

Logo Package Pricing

We have a variety of logo pricing and option packages that you can choose from, starting with a package including a single original logo design with no changes, to a package with unlimited revisions to a design, and packages in between.

Cost Package Name Description of Logo Package
$250 I-LDP1 - 3 Logos NC Package 1: 3 logo designs, pick one. No changes included.
$475 I-LDP2 - Build & Refine Once Package 2: Build logo designs and refine once based on feedback.
$475 + I-LDP3 - B&R + Hourly Package 2: Logo design including one change, plus hourly rate.
$1,000 I-LDP4 - AYCE/30 Package 4: All You Can Eat - up to 30 hours of design included.
$2,500 I-LDP5 - Unlimited Package 5: Unlimited design of a single logo till satisifed.

View some samples of our work.

We publish our logo design rates so that you may compare our prices with other vendors on the Web. What is not factored into a price sheet on a Web site is the quality and professionalism of the work and the high level of customer satisfaction. Action Graphics has been in business developing graphic design solutions since 1994, with an unprecedented 100% customer satisfaction rate. If you would like more information about our rate plans, level of customer service, or quality, please don't hesitate to .

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