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Ink colors available for printing on business cards, letterhead and announcements are indicated below. There are four classes of ink colors:

  • Standard ink colors: A set of standard ink colors which are set up to print within 24 - 48 hours. There are no additional charges for standard ink colors.

  • Weekly scheduled ink colors: Additional ink colors which are available at no additional charge, when printed on a specific rigid schedule during the week. There is an additional $25 fee per day  for each day early that your job is printed. We do not benefit in any way from these additional charges (they cover the cost of custom press setup) and recommend that you plan accordingly to print your job on schedule at no additional cost.

    If your job is expected to run on or near a holiday, contact us in advance to determine the impact on the scheduling of your weekly color job.

  • Special order ink colors: Special order inks are ink colors that we stock, but that are not set up to run unless orders are received. Special ink colors always require an additional $40 setup charge.

  • Custom PMS ink colors: We can mix and print any color selected from the range available using the Pantone® Matching System. PMS colors require PMS ink mix and, after running the job, press washup. There is a $140 fee associated with these costs, per custom color.

See important ink color notes.


Standard Ink Colors

Following are the standard ink colors we run each day.

Black color swatch
Red (PMS 199) color swatch
Red (PMS 199)
Reflex Blue color swatch
Reflex Blue

Following are the standard ink colors we run every 24 to 48 hours.

Gold (PMS 871) color swatch
Gold (PMS 871)
Green (PMS 347) color swatch
Green (PMS 347)
Pantone© process blue color swatch
Pantone© Process Blue
Forest Green (PMS 357) color swatch
Forest Green (PMS 357)
Burgundy (PMS 221) color swatch
Burgundy (PMS 221)


Weekly Scheduled Ink Colors

Following is a matrix of the ink colors scheduled for a specific day each week. Note the day for each color.

Teal (PMS 320) color swatch
Teal (PMS 320)
Grey (PMS 423) color swatch
Grey (PMS 423)
Brown (PMS 470) color swatch
Brown (PMS 470)
Pantone® Violet color swatch
Pantone® Violet
Orange (PMS 151) color swatch
Orange (PMS 151)
Silver (PMS 877) color swatch
Silver (PMS 877)


Printing on a day other than the scheduled day will require a setup charge of $25 per day. The charge differs based on how many days away from the scheduled run of that color. For example, Silver (PMS 877) is scheduled for printing on Friday. If you print it on another day, the charge is associated with the count of how many days before the scheduled day (Friday) you want your job to print. Thus, charges for printing Silver on any other day look like this:

of Scheduled Run
Days in Advance
of Scheduled Run
Cost ($25 per day)
Monday 4 $100
Tuesday 3 $75
Wednesday 2 $50
Thursday 1 $25
Friday 0 No charge

NOTE: This chart is an example and applies to Silver (PMS 877). To determine the charges for printing a different color, count the days before the next scheduled day and multiply by $25 for each day.



Special Ink Colors

Following are the special ink colors we have available for printing your custom designed business cards.

Pantone® Yellow color swatch
Pantone® Yellow
Pink (Pantone® Rhodamine Red) color swatch
Pink (Pantone® Rhodamine Red)

Custom Ink Colors

We can mix any color in the Pantone® Matching System. Custom colors require an additional 3 to 5 days setup time to obtain and mix the ink.

Additionally, for each custom PMS color there is a $140 ink mix and press wash-up charge.


Important Ink Color Notes

The colors shown above are only approximations of the ink colors available. Colors that you see via the World-Wide Web may differ based on a variety of factors - the amount of colors enabled by your display in your monitor's settings, your monitor's resolution, your operating system, the specific Web browser you are using, dithering color palettes, etc.

Color in the print publishing world works very differently. A color is not relative, it is absolute, and always prints in the same hue (although it may appear differently when printed on a variety of different media).

The color quality in your business card order is guaranteed to meet Pantone® Matching System (PMS) standards, and your satisfaction with the quality of work performed when ordering is guaranteed. However, any costs for reprinting requested based on misunderstanding of the color that will actually print will be borne by the ordering party.

An ink additive to make thermography (raised print) ink safe for use with laser printers is available. This additive is generally used for letterhead and stationary orders. Note that the use of this additive (which is by request only, for an additional cost of $20 per order) may change the final color of the ink (making it slightly lighter in color).

If you have any doubts about the ink colors we offer, obtain physical access to a Pantone® Matching System (PMS) color wheel or sample and verify how the listed color actually appears. Also note that your choice of paper stock may affect the appearance of the color as well.

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