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Planning Your Web Site - Action Graphics

What You Need to Consider for Your Web Site

Building a web site - or having one built for you - is an exciting event. It's also no small task, and like all successful projects requires forethought and planning. We hope you have chosen Action Graphics to help you build, design, and develop your web site. Here are the areas we feel you need to consider carefully - several are required before work can begin:

  • Page Breakdowns
  • Content Areas
  • Color Scheme
  • Navigation
  • Audience
  • Level of Sophistication
  • Browser Requirements
  • Technologies
  • Logos and Branding
  • Affiliation
  • Security
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Copyright
  • Meta Language
  • Level of Traffic
  • Attracting Search Engines
  • Accessibility by the Differently Abled
  • Scripting
  • HTML/XML version
  • Maintainability
  • Design for Mobile Browsing
  • Authentication

We at Action Graphics are experts at web design and development. We have over 15 years of experience developing HTML and SGML, with specific knowledge of scripting, CSS, intuitive processing, graphic user interface (GUI) design, and more, and have designed hundreds of web pages.

Allow us to bring our experience to bear on your project! For more information, or explore our web design links.


Related Web-Based Services

Through our Action Discount Hosting division, we also offer incredible discounts on services for your web site, including:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name registration and management
  • Web-based and POP email accounts
  • E-Commerce and marketing tools
  • Online shopping carts
  • SSL certificates
  • Online fax capability
  • Blogs and blogging tools
  • Traffic management tools
  • Web site promotion and marketing tools
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If you have questions about the products or services we offer, please or click here for detailed contact information.